In-depth smart contracts auditing services

OPCODES offers blockchain development and in-depth smart contract auditing services.

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Everything you need to know about our services


Scanning an application with SAST tools is great but insufficient. This is why our team strive to understand the core concepts of your products to not only report technical vulnerabilities but business logic flaws as well. We love to communicate with your technical team, understand your limitations and find the best solutions for patching the vulnerabilities without having to give up usability.

Research & Development

We provide a wide range of web3 research & development services. Our offering contains the development of smart contracts, dApps and subgraphs. Thanks to our expertise in security and in-depth blockchain knowledge, we are able to build high-stakes complex applications. Our team can intervene at any step of your development process and is here to make your life easier.


We offer unique training courses on app sec. Besides a theorical course, we offer practical training on a set of fun and original handcrafted challenges. We customize everything to fit your needs and train your team on what really matter to them. Watch out, your team might start to enjoy cybersecurity.

Audit process

OPCODES engineers estimate the time needed to cover your project and get back to you with an estimation for the current commit.

Meeting to introduce the different actors. It is the opportunity to confirm the perimeter and prerequisites before the audit.

Audit carried out by OPCODES engineers. A communication channel with your team is often necessary in order to be able to answer our questions.

After sending the report, we plan a conclusion meeting. It is the opportunity to explain in detail every issues found during the audit and answer your questions.

Development process

Given a specification document, OPCODES engineers estimate the time needed for the development and get back to you with an estimation.

OPCODES engineers carry out the development. A documentation is also written along with the code and a communication channel is necessary to keep you updated on the status.

A meeting is planned to deliver the code. OPCODES engineers make a technical demonstration and answer your questions.